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A lot of time, effort and resource is involved to source the best minds for your business. Prioritising the health and wellbeing of your people is therefore crucial not only for employee wellbeing but also for retention, progression and productive employees.


Never before has mental health in the workplace been so important, and as the daily pressures on peoples’ wellbeing mount, businesses must adapt to ensure that employees are supported with their resilience.


Bespoke training offered by Phoenix Counselling supports employees and employers by increasing confidence, developing people management skills and enhances professional development. 

I offer a range of business training solutions and mental health training sessions to best fit your companies needs. An overview of training solutions below. 

  • Effective Communication Skills

  • Leadership and assertiveness for Managers

  • Personal development and effectiveness

  • Managing Conflict

  • A range of mental health awareness sessions (Stress, Resilience, Anxiety)


Each training course or workshop is designed specifically for the person or organisation commissioning it.

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