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Privacy Policy 

Privacy Policy


Information I may collect from you:

  • Information you provided when you first contacted me such as your name, email, phone number, address and contents of written information (e.g what you wrote in your email or through my contact form).

  • The information given on the client details form:

    • Name

    • Date of birth

    • Phone number

    • Address

    • Email

    • Name of GP practice

    • Important medical history (in case of emergencies)

    • Medications you are currently taking (in case of emergencies)

    • Financial details (if you are not paying in cash)

    • Other information collected/processed regarding clients;

    • Brief electronic session notes made in anonymised form, identifiable only by unique client codes.

    • Anonymised monitoring information, identifiable by unique client codes

    • Text messages

    • Emails 

  • I am required for professional insurance purposes to keep anonymous notes on our sessions. This includes special category data 9 (f) processing which is necessary for delivery of services, exercise or defence of legal claims, and courts acting in their judicial capacity.


How I use your information

I only use your data to carry out the professional, contractual and legal obligations within my role as a psychotherapist. I do not use your data for marketing purposes.

Most of your information is used only for contacting you to arrange appointments etc. However, some information may be used for other reasons in specific circumstances.

I will only pass your information on to third parties where there is legal obligation, legitimate interest, or consensual basis to do so. This may include:

  • Drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorism.

  • Potential serious harm to you, another person or a child

  • Safeguarding reasons

  • Medical emergencies

  • Court orders

  • Supervisory requirements in line with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP)

  • If you have given me specific consent to pass on data to another individual or organisation, such as another health professional, a parent or guardian or a person involved in your care.

Where possible and safe to do so, I will always do this with your knowledge and full consent, however this does not apply in cases of money laundering, drug trafficking, terrorism, female genital mutilation or where I believe that further harm may be caused by gaining your consent first. I will never share more information than is necessary.

Information I receive from third parties such as referrals from EAP’s, other professionals or parents/guardians, will be treated in the same way.


Part of my responsibilities as a psychotherapist is to have regular contact with a Supervisor with whom I share some client material with and often your first name for ease of communication. They are held by the same privacy and confidentiality laws as are described here.


In the event of an emergency I will share your medical history, medications and any other required details with paramedics and other medical personnel and health professionals. If you are unable to contact them yourself, I will contact your emergency person and disclose the nature of the medical emergency and which hospital you have been taken to.


I am legally required to share information in your notes if a court order is issued.


How long do I keep your information and where are they stored?


I keep the data you gave on the client details form separately from anonymised client notes for 7 years after your last counselling session, or for 7 year after the point at which you turned 18. This is in line with insurance requirements and for the exercise or defence of legal claims.


Your details will be stored securely and confidentially:

  • in paper form in a locked filing cabinet

  • on a password protected encrypted computer that only I have access to

  • your phone number, first name and any communication via phone (e.g texts) is stored on a password protected phone. I do not record phone conversations. Emails will also be accessed via a phone.


Your rights under GDPR


  • You have the right to be informed about the collection and use of your personal data.

  • You have the right to access data about you that you have provided or that has been provided by third parties, including clinical notes, unless I feel that knowing this information would seriously damage your mental or physical health. This is a decision that would be made on a case by case basis with the upmost thought and input from my clinical supervisor.

  • You have the right to have inaccurate personal data rectified or have a supplementary statement added to data that cannot be changed.

  • You have the right to restrict processing

  • You have rights relating to automated decision making


The technical bit


This relates to your use of my website.


I am not in control of the data collected by the host of this website ( and they may collect data without my direct knowledge. Please see their privacy policy 

For ease of understanding “Data Controller” refers to me (Mondonna Lannie), and “Data Processor” refers to the website host ( does not monitor data which you put into the contact form, however they do use cookies and collect data such as IP addresses, geolocation data, analytics and usage data etc. state that “We use statistics to improve the usability and the information in the statistics are anonymous and will not be linked to you as a user.” For their full cookie policy please click here


The Data Processor [] shall implement systematic, organisational and technical measures to ensure an appropriate level of security.


Analytics collects data in order to understand behavioural patterns of visitors to the website. collects and provides me with data showing:

  • the number of visits to the site

  • the number of times each page is visited

  • the average time spent on each page

  • The date the site was visited on

  • The country that the visitor was in at the time.

  • The type of device and browser that the visitor was using (e.g iphone, chrome).

I also use google analytics and google ads. Google collects information included in the list above as well as:

  • Data on how many people arrive at my website or phone me using a google ad link.

  • Data on how many people saw the ad when they used Google search.

  • What was searched to find the ad (e.g “counselling Shropshire”).

  • Data on how many people clicked the pin for my business on google maps or got directions to my business.

  • Google ads also uses geographical location data to target ads.

  • Google analytics collects the proportion of new or returning visitors.

Please see googles privacy policy for more details


The information collected does not identify individuals.

The information you provide in the contact form

Please be aware that security breaches can happen even when using maximum security procedures. For this reason, please be mindful the level of personal and potentially sensitive information you choose to share in the contact form.


The information you provide in the contact form is used by me for the purposes of offering you services. I do not use this information for marketing purposes or share it with any third parties unless I am required to by law.  

When you contact me via the contact form it is sent to my email address ( which is hosted by and Google and encrypted.


Please be aware that although my email is encrypted, yours may not be and I am not in control of any security breaches caused by your email provider. For these reasons please be mindful of what information you choose to share via email.

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