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Need to feel more calm and clear? 


Get in touch to see how counselling can work for you

Do Any of The Following Resonate With You?

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Are you struggling with racing thoughts, constant worry or inability to switch off?

Or would a greater sense of confidence make a difference to your life? Do you truly believe that you are good enough or can own your own voice? 

Are relationship difficulties causing you to feel confused and upset?

Maybe you need to make sense of an event in your life that has impacted you or those around you? 


Or you have feelings of sadness, inner conflict or even difficulty sleeping or concentrating…

Maybe it’s time to:

  1. Get some support so you are able to let go of feelings of worry, avoid overthinking and develop self-awareness and confidence

  2. Understand and work through your difficulties, thinking patterns or emotions using powerful proven techniques

  3. Feel empowered, so you are able to make positive changes, leaving you feeling more confident and fulfilled.


Pent up thoughts and emotions such as anxiety, grief, embarrassment/shame and guilt can become very hard to deal with at times. Counselling is a process which allows you to explore these feelings safely, have a better understanding of them, and resolve / transform them in a positive way.

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Confidence and Self Esteem 

If you have low self-esteem, you may struggle to value yourself. This can affect your life in a number of ways. You may find it difficult to like who you are, make decisions, struggle at work or in your relationships.

Holding Hands

Improve Relationships

Challenges or conflict with someone – a partner, friend, a family member or coworker – can be stressful. If you want to create healthier connections in your life, we can work with that.

Stressed Woman

Work on your Stress
and Anxiety

Do you sometimes feel like if you could just lower your anxiety and stress you could figure out the rest? We can work to uncover any triggers and implement strategies to begin to move forward.

"The difference it's made to my life in such a short time is absolutely priceless."

I have uncovered an inner strength and worked through things I never thought I could let go. I've learned lots of strategies which I can apply to daily situations when needed and I now feel so much more in control."

"I feel heard, understood and accepted. I can speak freely without judgement and make sense of things."


Hi, I'm Mondonna

Whether you want a space to be heard, coping strategies, or practical solutions we can explore your situation and work towards your personal goals for therapy.


My approach is based around helping you to get the most out of your therapy sessions - valuing and focusing on you to help you gain more self-understanding and acceptance, sort out confused feelings, or make different choices that will empower you in a positive way.

Get in touch for an initial assessment to see where counselling can work for you.


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